High performance cloud. No bullshit.

We build extremely scalable, highly optimized and globally distributed cloud based platforms. Whether you have a business critical internal system or a public high-profile web site, we will make it better. Much better.

And we will do it with a smile. And without PowerPoint™

As experts within cloud infrastructure and operations, Skymill offers services ranging from  design to implementation and maintenance of small or large server platforms. Everything we do focuses on scalability, performance, availability and security. We mainly offer services within the following areas: 

System design &
tech lead

We will assist you through the planning phase, whether you are building a brand new infrastructure or moving existing servers and applications from traditional hosting into cloud based awesomeness.



We’ll set it all up for you, production ready! Servers, databases, different layers of caching, CDN:s, firewalls, storage, continuous deployment routines, user management… the list goes on. And we’ll make sure everything fits in with your existing stuff.


Optimization & testing

Let us optimize your infrastructure beyond recognition. We work closely with your application developers, optimizing the platform to host your applications as efficiently as possible. And we help you load test your applications to make sure they can stand the heat.


Operations & monitoring

When everything is setup and running smoothly up in the clouds we’ll make sure it stays that way. By implementing top notch monitoring we can be sure your stuff is running just as it’s supposed to. And we’ll keep an eye on it 365/24/7 for you. So you can sleep tight all morning.