About us

From south of Sweden with love

The company

Skymill Solutions is a small company specialized in designing, building and running highly scalable and optimized cloud based infrastructure platforms. That’s what we do. Nothing more, nothing less. Unlike other companies in this industry, we won’t send out a sales person telling you that we happens to be senior über specialists in whatever area you ask us about. Instead, we will tell you (without a single PowerPoint slide) that we are senior über specialists in doing the stuff we do. And recommend you elsewhere if we feel that what you want is not within our core business.

The company was founded in 2013 in the Lund/Malmö region in the southern part of Sweden. The founders had previously worked for many years building infrastructure platforms and heading up operations in different small and large companies in Sweden and abroad.

Our goal is not to become another big-shot giant doing all kinds of weird stuff, but instead trying hard to be number one within our niched segment of the market.

The people

We are a bunch of tech nerds creating really cool solutions for our customers. And no, not the kind of nerds you usually find tucked away in dark basements. We happen to be nerds with social skills. Yep, they really do exist.

All of us has solid backgrounds in the market with years of experience with real-world setups. Since we are not that fond of unskilled project managers running around in fancy shirts, knowing nothing about the technology, all of us at Skymill has the ability to act as both project tech leads as well as rolling up our sleeves for some hard core Linux hacking.

Try us out. We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.