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System design & project tech lead

A wise man built his house on a rock, but an even wiser man built his house on a cloud. It’s way more flexible. Skymill’s cloud designers and hackers can help you design and build rock solid infrastructure on a flexible cloud solution.

We help you design your solution to make it as efficient and scalable as possible, whether you are building a brand new infrastructure or moving existing servers and applications from traditional hosting into cloud based awesomeness. We have experience from both small web applications to full blown large scale distributed web services.

We love building systems with loosely coupled dependencies to gain maximum flexibility. As we all know, it’s impossible to make technical decisions that are the right choices for all future, as the context and requirements changes over time. Therefore, we always try to design your infrastructure to be as easy as possible to move to other solution providers.

Going cloud? Need professional help or just someone to hold your hand? Then get in touch!


  1. Complete system design
  2. Cost calculations
  3. Moving and merging existing systems
  1. Time planning and estimation
  2. Tech lead role


We’ll set it all up for you, production ready! Servers, databases, different layers of caching, CDN:s, firewalls, storage, continuous deployment routines, user management… the list goes on. And we’ll make sure everything fits in with your existing stuff.

It’s a djungle out there. Or more precisely, it’s a djungle of lego blocks out there. And we at Skymill are pretty good at putting the blocks together.

The lego blocks we’re talking about are servers, databases, logging systems, DNSes, Content Delivery Networks etc. We offer two options when it comes to cloud implementations: Skymill fully hosted solutions and consultancy services. Let’s discuss what’s right for you.

1. Skymill fully hosted solutions

In this scenario, Skymill will take full responsibility for your platform. That means we take care of  your system design, implementation, operations, deployments and day-to-day management. It’s like having your own IT Operations department with only specialists, but with a good price tag. And rememeber, in the cloud you only pay for what you use.

2. Consultancy services

If you prefer to host your own solution and bring in help for the parts you don’t want to handle yourself, look no further. Skymill will be stand-by with one of our tech ninjas. Ready to assist you with your project on a consultancy basis.

And ff we don’t have any consultants available or if we feel that what you want is not within our core business, we will recommend you elsewhere.

We promise never to try to sell you something that you don’t really need or that we are not qualified to deliver.

Some of our services:

  1. Server setup
  2. Database setup
  3. Continuous deployment
  4. Storage setup
  5. User and access management
  6. Autoscaling
  1. Cache implementation
  2. Traffic load balancing
  3. Private cloud networks
  4. Firewall implementations

Operations & monitoring

When everything is setup and running smoothly up in the clouds we’ll make sure it stays that way. By implementing top notch monitoring we can be sure your stuff is running just as it’s supposed to. And if you want, we’ll keep an eye on it 365/24/7 for you. So you can sleep tight all morning.


It’s not until you have a good system and application monitoring in place you can start trusting your service. We can help you implement a monitoring system to cover all aspects of your application. We are familiar with a bunch of monitoring solutions and can help develop monitors or create the system from scratch.

And if you need to have multiple geographical monitoring instances, we can merge them to get a good overview of the health of the system.


Day-to-day IT operations is needed even in cloud environments. Tuning scaling and monitoring, installing log management systems, keeping backup routines up-to-date etc. We are operations ninjas and can be of big use. No task is too small and only a few are too big. All engineers at Skymill are skilled Python and Bash hackers.

Incident management

Need someone to react to system failures or security incidents 24/7? We have qualified staff to do incident management during on-going incidents. We can also have 1st line staff monitoring your systems every minute of every day.

Contact us to hear more about what we can do.

Typical services:

  1. Complete setup of monitoring
  2. 24/7 monitoring
  1. Incident management
  2. Daily IT operations

Optimization & testing

Let us optimize your infrastructure beyond recognition. We work closely with your application developers, optimizing the platform to host your applications as efficiently as possible. And we help you load test your applications to make sure they can stand the heat.

It’s easy to scale up services in cloud environments, but to be cost efficient it should only be done after the system has been optimized for performance and throughput. Skymill help you test and optimize your solution together with your developers.

We have experience from a large amount of different setups and are used to fine tuning web servers, application servers, databases and Linux operating system and various cloud services. Let us know what software you are using, chances are that we can help you optimise your applications.

One common way to setup a scaling policy is to scale up and down the system depending on how many requests it is currently handling. To be able to do that you must know how much load your application can handle. We can help you stress test your system so that it can be scaled properly.

Some services:

  1. Web server optimization
  2. Database optimization
  3. Load testing
  1. Full CDN setup
  2. OS optimization
  3. Performance troubleshooting